here are the Abraham Hicks Affirmation below

  • “Thank you Universe for all the good things in my life that I don’t know about yet.”
  • I am attracting endless abundance by keeping a gratitude mindset.

Abraham Hicks Affirmation for Letting Go

Today I embrace the memory of my past, and feel grateful for all that life has given me. I acknowledge that I did the best I could at the time, and now I am ready to let it go. I clear my future road ahead for miracles and happy surprises!

Wake up affirmations

  1. Today is going to be incredible
    2. I choose happiness today
    3. I’m crateful for my body
    4. The sunrise fills me with energy
    s. 1 am full of courage
    6. Today 1 will choose greatness
    7. My body is healing and feels strong today
    8. 1 can conquer anything
    9. 1 am amazing
    10. Opportunity is everywhere around me today
    11. Something wonderful is going to happen to me today
    12. I am one giant step closer to my Goals

Positive Affirmations for Every night

  • I offered my best self today
  • It doesn’t matter if i did everythingPerfectly
  • The day is now in the past and i will letIt be
  • I am looking forward to the morning
  • I have the power to make tomorrow a Great day
  • I will feed my strength with sleep Tomorrow i can grow further

Love Yourself Affirmations

  1. I am full of potential
  2. Nobody is quite like me
  3. I am beautiful
  4. I am strong
  5. I like who i am becoming
  6. Every part of me is beautiful
  7. I’m not broken, gods making stained Glass
  8. My dreams are possible
  9. I’m filled with love for myself
  10. I deserve the best
  11. I am beautifully made
  12. My flaws add to my appeal
  13. I deserve to be fully loved
  14. I deserve time to recharge
  15. My talents are unique to me
  16. I add something special to this world
  17. I am worth it
  18. I deserve to have my dreams come true

You have to say

  • It happens to me.’
  • It happens to me.
  • The best of them come to me.
  • It happens to me.

What happens to you?

  • Good stuff happens to me.
  • Good stuff happens to me.

what do you mean?

  • Dollars flow to me
  • Parking places flow to me,
  • Lovers flow to me,
  • Everything that i’ve
  • Ever wanted flows to me.’
  • It happens to me and
  • It happens on a steady basis.


Bonus Seven Steps to Manifesting

I. Vision – Visualize what you want
2. Desire – Be intensely excited about what you’re visualizing
3. Belief – Believe what you desire is possible to manifest
4. Acceptance – Accept your belief and your ability to manifest it as being true
5. Intend – Want and intend are different You must have the intention to manifest your desire.
6. Action – Act and behave like your desire has already manifested
7. Allowance – Detach from the outcome. You have to be intense in your desire without any expectation that it manifest.