I think you’ll agree that money does not buy happiness , but we need money to survive. It is difficult to save your hard earn money these days as when you try to save there is some expense which comes out of no where , but below you will understand the secrets on how to attract money.

In fact, I will show you how to attract money and wealth and after reading this you will feel the difference but you need to believe in the steps given below

How To Attract Money With ABUNDANCE

You need to think in abundance when you want to attract money. Always think that there is plenty of money for me in this word also, understand that when you give money you get money. We have this thinking about money that we need to save money so we can become rich. In fact, It is the opposite we need to believe there is plenty of money for us in the world.We need to remove the negative think about money and train the mind on manifesting money.

First, To attract money you need to keep a manifesting journal write down on how you feel about money and then try to change the relationship with money. Rather than thinking that money is not sufficient think that its in abundance.

Secondly,Close your eyes and believe that you are attracting money and you have a lot of money coming towards you. Close you eyes and think deep with gratitude that you are attracting money

Turn Of The Negative Switch

When trying to attract money your inner self will start telling you that you don’t deserve to attract money , but you need to stop listening to him.In fact, these thoughts would come again and again be we need to ignore them and just believe in attracting money.


To stop the inner critic speaking you need to train the mind to ignore it.Imagine that it is your monkey brain speaking also, you need to train your mind in thinking about abundance of money and the way you do it is by every morning writing your journal and thinking about manifesting money

Know The Truth About Money

Attracting money is not only about thinking to manifest money it is also about knowing how much you have in reality. Find out your financial situation, your loan , your expenses. The money you had taken from a friend and forgot to return it! find out everything because to attract money you need to respect money . Don’t hesitate to talk about money with your friends,family and financial adviser they can help you manage money better.

Be Happy Right Now

Many of us fail in being happy we always think about what other have. we start creating negativity with money by blaming that why the other person has money which is a repellent against  attracting money.

Instead, Be grateful that you are in this world and you have money so you can survive in this world , focus on having gratitude and bless the other person and wish him luck that he is more money this way you starting making good relation ship with money and start attracting money.