1) Desire as You Drop Off To Sleep

In order to make a genuine desire come true, you need to want at the correct time.
One of the best times to wish is when your mind is clear and unwinded.
Consider your wish when you remain in bed for the night.

Visualize your dream as specifically as possible.

Develop a mental picture in your mind of what your satisfied wish would look and feel like.

Attempt to fall asleep while keeping that mental image.

With practice, your wish can come true overnight.

2) Document Your Dream

Physically writing down your wish helps focus your objectives for the universe.

Commit a little notebook or journal particularly for each desire.

Document the wish as if it had currently happened.

For example, compose “I simply received $2,000!” or “I’m getting wed to the love of my life!”

Keep your wishes direct and basic.

There’s no need to elaborate on your desire in excellent detail.

Write your wish down every day.

The power lies in the repeating.

Every day, you’re dedicating some time to thinking about making your desire come to life.

This focus with time can eventually result in manifestation.

3) Use the “Glass of Water” Strategy

Something as basic as a glass of water can assist in making your desire come true.
Something as easy as a glass of water can help make your dream come to life.

how-to-make-a wish-come-true

A simple glass of water can help all of your dreams come to life.

First, you’ll require to fill a drinking glass with water.

Regular faucet water will work just great.
Next, take your hands and rub them together briefly.

This assists activate an energy field.

Place each hand around the glass, however do not actually make contact.

With your hands in position, state your desire out loud.

Comparable to the writing workout explained above, keep your dream easy and direct.

After speaking your wish, hold the image of your goal in your mind for a bit while focusing your attention on the glass.

Then merely drink the water.

Attempt to drink it as rapidly as possible.

As you drink the water, you’re transferring the energy of the dream into your body.

Utilize this technique a minimum of twice a day.

Most people utilize the Glass of Water method when in the early morning and once again before bed.

You can expect results in a couple of weeks for little wishes and a couple of months for big dreams.

Not just will your desires come true, however drinking 2 complete glasses of water every day can also assist enhance your health.

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