Learning how to manifest money you need to transform your self.

Here’s How

It involves transforming yourself and taking charge of your life.If you stay stagnant then life will not happen for you. You might never experience the true potential of yourself.

Life is not only about the style of living,sleeping, eating, working and travelling but to explore, experiment,observe, thoughtful processes and taking risks towards change.

What is Manifestation

“It refers to the process, an action or an event that clearly enables us to see or show us something abstract or conceptual”.

Basically it is indicating the movement of transformation of a mind concept into reality-based act. That is why we stress upon taking action to bring your thoughts, feelings and ideas into a tangible experience

Steps To Manifest Money

Before we learn the steps on attracting money, you need to understand that YOU ARE IMPORTANT


Your life has a goal, which is to win. Winners are leaders, those who lead
life in their own way and leave their legacy behind. The one thing that
holds us back from creating our legacy is in our unconscious; our past, our
mistakes, our regrets and unpleasant memories. Left unchecked, all of this
no doubt holds you back from progressing and attaining what you desire.

Strive for Transparency of Mind

Firstly, Imagine a street full of fallen leaves, stones, tree trunks and uneven damp soil. If you need to reach a destination urgently how would you reach it on time?

You might be rushing for your final exam, an art competition or a scholarship test. Imagine the urgent need to reach on time. But not matter how hard you try, you are late.

Are you afraid of experiencing failure? That’s fine, do not worry.

However,It is just a thought that you might face if you do not reach at a place on time. On the other hand, imagine a road free of traffic, mess and obstacles of any kind. WOW!

Now you can reach your destination in advance and prepare yourself with lots of energy and a relaxed state of mind rather than fear and anxiety.

Let Go Negativity

Clear your mind from negative thoughts. In the first scenario, imagine a street filled with leaves, junk and stones representing your negative thoughts. You can realize how difficult it is for someone to make proper decisions and find on time solutions if your mind is not yet clear from negativity.

Negative thoughts are the ones discouraging you from initiating a transformation process to achieve your goals in life .There are a number of ways to control negative thought process and replace it with healthy and positive visualization process.

Here I am sharing one of the most effective way to manifest money

Money Manifestation Meditation

Daily 20 minutes, 1-2 times a day spent by practicing any form of meditation clears the negative thought process that materializes. The practice utilizing mantra or mindfulness meditation has proven effective to use in order to control negative thoughts or even eliminating them completely by countless research evidences.

Your mind strongly holds and believes what you pay attention to. You are free to choose what you pay attention to. You are responsible for focusing on the things you want to focus on. This is what we call power of mind. You are in control of your mind and thoughts

Avoid negativity by focusing on a specific non-emotional object for a few minutes in morning and in the evening. Let the brain focus on you and ignore the thoughts. The feelings and sensations you experience during that time are priceless. Being mindful and empty on mind junk is crucial. It is the first step and skill to manifest money

Money Manifestation Affirmations

Another method we talked about is affirmations for manifestation; chant a positive statement to induce positivity and combat negativity especially when tired, frustrated, phobic or worried and in distress.

Examples are as follows-

  • “I will make 100,000$ this year”
  • “I am doing my best”
  • “I am a money magnet”

Hopelessness and despair are very destructive and detrimental to one’s wealth and mind power. Accept the importance of this step to shift from step 2. Keep on taking action, growing, improving, learning and understanding. Recognize your negative mind and fill it with positive power with keeping in mind that negative thinking is natural and not 100% avoidable but can be managed.