Today, I wish to show you how you can apply the Abraham Hicks technique of “ask, believe, get” to manifest money. I am going to share with you what I have learned through years of checking out books on this subject, seeing videos, attending workshops, practicing on my own and so on
. Prior to we start, I just want to get one thing clear– manifesting money is easy. You can discover how to manifest money simply by being an energetic match to your desire, instead of chasing it. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and keep reading.

1. Ask from the point of abundance

” Set your mind on a definite objective and observe how rapidly the world stands aside to let you pass.”
— Napoleon Hill, Believe and Grow Rich

The fact is that money is just a tool. Money in its kind is not what we’re after. We desire certain feelings we think money would provide us.

Write down a list of feelings you wish to experience in life. While you’re doing this exercise, become aware of your point of destination. How do you feel about money? Do you feel a consistent lack of it?

A lot of times I hear individuals saying how they do not have money. They constantly pay costs on time, they have enough money to buy groceries whenever they require, they can pay for brand-new clothing, and they constantly have adequate money for gas.

Another exercise, start doing a thankfulness list. If you don’t show gratitude for things you have in life, you’ll never ever see more of it. You’ll constantly bring in some unanticipated expenses since you focus just on absence.
Feel free to request whatever amount of money you prefer, but ensure you’re attracting it from the point of abundance. Just then you end up being open to get it.

2. Believe that you can manifest money easily.

” Grateful souls focus on the joy and abundance present in their lives and this, in turn, brings in more abundance and joy towards them.”.
— Stephen Richards, Think Your Way to Success.

If you do not believe that you can manifest money, you’ll act in accordance with that. You will have constant emotions of lack, you will experience the lack in every location of your life and the story you’re informing yourself is going to be Ugh, I wish I might pay for that but …

However, when you realize that there is an abundance of money in cash world and when you realize what is blocking your obstructing to course abundance, you can easily change it.Alter You can get into the abundance mindset daily by having gratitude lists, repeating affirmations and visualizing yourself receiving the money.


Here is my newest success story with visualization.
I was sending emails to various brands and I really, really wanted to make sponsored posts another income stream. (Also, when you really, really want something, you send out the message to the Universe that you really, really don’t have it = desperation as a point of receiving.

Zero luck. And then, about 2 weeks back, I began visualizing myself opening a plan from a brand name. I envisioned myself feeling so ecstatic and delighted that I’m dealing with brand names. About a week after my everyday visualizations I received an e-mail stating that there are some brand name opportunities on a specific site I am registered to. So I just made an application for one. Which was everything I did. The brand addressed that they would like to work together with me and I’m getting my very first plan today.

I wasn’t chasing after brands or scrolling through Instagram to discover some brand in my niche. The opportunity pertained to me once I started believing that it’s possible for me to deal with brand names, and when I started to connect only favorable emotions to it.

And that is one more thing I wish to point out, you never understand how you’re going to manifest money. It can be an unanticipated tax return, someone buying you a present etc. Money can be found in all sorts of ways. Even when somebody buys you a coffee, it’s still money. Keep an eye on it and be grateful for whatever you get.

Regarding visualization, you can make it enjoyable and produce a vision board. I constantly have my own as a desktop background because it works for me. I had a picture of Budapest a few years ago on my vision board, and right after that, I manifested a month volunteering in a hostel in the center of Budapest. Vision board prepares your subconscious for what you wish to manifest.

Science describes it as a Reticular Activating System (RAS) which works on a subconscious level by sifting out crucial information from all the unessential truths (Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng– Picture Your Prosperity). Once you start imagining your goals, your RAS filter will continuously watch for messages that will assist you achieve them.

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Strategy).

I used this one to manifest money, and the money was on my bank account right after I was done with it. After using this technique for the first time, I checked my bank app on my phone to see the amount of money I had, and I saw that the money from PayPal was on my card.

3. Accept & receive

” If you desire it and expect it, it will be yours soon.”.
— Esther Hicks.

Enable the cash to come into your experience. Open yourself to manifest money. Perhaps you’ll fulfill somebody who is going to help you with your business, maybe you’ll get the idea to sell your clothing or develop your own product to offer, possibly someone will ask you for aid and will pay you for your skills. You never know. And it’s not your job to know how it will occur. Your task is to deal with your restricting beliefs, to deal with your money story and move your frame of mind to recognize that you should have money. You deserve money.

There is a TASER technique that Rachel O’Meara speaks about in her book Pause. This method assists you remove your restricting beliefs, by:.
( T) tuning in– consider your restricting beliefs,.
( A) acknowledging them– journal about how they have formed your life and your present thought patterns,.
( S) moving– shift to a new favorable belief,.
( E) expressing– express this new favorable thought,.
( R) repeating– repeat the entire process for any of your restricting beliefs.

She discusses neuroplasticity and how scientists say that our brain has the ability to develop new neural pathways. This means that we can exchange our negative beliefs for positive ones, which would change the structure of our thoughts and mindsets.

My favorite way to manifest money is acting as if. Act excited for the money that is on it’s way to you. Recently I invested in a new theme on my blog and by the end of the week, I have already manifested that same amount of money back.