We all want to manifest your dreams get everything we want in life but there are things which are blocking it. We can over come these blockage.

Here’s How,

Use power of subconscious mind

The more we are in tune with our inner self, the more familiar we are with what we are truly capable of. Therefore, they way you perceive yourself and your worth is important. If we see ourselves in a positive light, the more we attain. In contrast, if we think we are not good enough and is not worth of success, the more we lose. We need to use your subconscious mind to think positive about your self .

Whatever you desire to achieve is most likely present in your head as a mental image and is preparing to manifest your dreams in the form of the law of attraction. You can manifest your destiny using your mind power

This is why the power of subconscious mind is important. It plays a huge rule in the manifestation of your goals as you have this mental image that you can achieve what you want. Nothing is impossible when you believe. It gives you a sense of motivation that you are capable in doing even the unimaginable.

To manifest your dreams means to motivate yourself, intrinsic motivation is something that has to do with “you”. This looks complicated but actually this is not, it only seems to be difficult because you have been thinking about trying something abstract and new.

Try using your subconscious mind and think about your goals by sitting in a quite place for several minutes and closing your eyes. Focus on what you want and how you will achieve it. Don’t let anything distract you in the process. When you are done, you will feel fresh and motivated in taking charge of what you desire.

Use creative visualization

Visualization works! It is best to use on a daily basis for the achievement of your life dreams, goals and everything you want. As you learned previously on how to make smart goals, you need to complement the daily goals with detailed visualization processes. The process of visualization involves visualizing the most effective way you would want to pursue your goals, as well as the feeling you have when you have finally achieved it.


The power of visualization acts as a compass and where you will have a better sense of direction to navigate your goals. The one thing you need is a lot of determination and trusting yourself in the process. A very famous and well-known quote says “Seeing Is Believing” and you have to trust that this is what only meant in the end.

For over 2000 years ago Aristotle also communicated this process and it is still clear, applicable, to first have an objective and then work for necessary methods to act, no one can stop you from your achievements.

With the help you visualization you can also manifest and attract money

Use Meditation

Firstly, Daily 20 minutes, 1-2 times a day spent by practicing any form of meditation clears the negative thought process that materializes. The practice utilizing mantra or mindfulness meditation has proven effective to use in order to control negative thoughts or even eliminating them completely by countless research evidences.

Your mind strongly holds and believes what you pay attention to. You are free to choose what you pay attention to. You are responsible for focusing on the things you want to focus on. This is what we call power of mind. You are in control of your mind and thoughts.

Avoid negativity by focusing on a specific non-emotional object for a few minutes in morning and in the evening. Let the brain focus on you and ignore the thoughts. The feelings and sensations you experience during that time are priceless. Being mindful and empty on mind junk is crucial. It is the first step and skill to master in this journey.

Another method we talked about is mantra meditation; chant a positive statement to induce positivity and combat negativity especially when tired, frustrated, phobic or worried and in distress.

Here’s How,

Examples are as follows-

  • “I will succeed in the basketball match this year”
  • “I am doing my best”
  • “This too shall pass”

Hopelessness and despair are very destructive and detrimental to one’s health and mind power. Accept the importance of this step to shift from

Step 2. Keep on taking action, growing, improving, learning and understanding. Recognize your negative mind and fill it with positive power with keeping in mind that negative thinking is natural and not 100% avoidable but can be managed.