money and the law of attraction is all about your believe you bring to the universe. the more happy and open you can be with your self and the universe, the more likely you will create that frequency to attract money.

On the other hand, If you are desperate for getting money from manifestation then this will block the flow of abundance.

Here’s how, you can attract money without blocking the flow of abundance

5 Secrets about Money And The Law Of Attraction

Firstly, set you intention take time to clear all the negative believe about money,then decide exactly how much you want . The universe wants the exact numbers. if you are not clear then how would you send the message across the universe.


Next, Believe that you already have the money.Just imagine how would you feel when you have that money. what will you do with that money just think about it. when ever we lose money we have that anxiety which blocks the abundance flow.Nothing is more expensive than the blocking of this flow. love your money as its just one form of energy.


Third,Respect the money when ever you are low on money do not think about uncertainty of my financial future this will block the flow of abundance, instead think about you will have more money


Fourth.Spend money to get money. This means if you want to attract money you need to take spend some money.You need to help some one who needs money,

Here is the deal, money is just one form of energy and if you share you money with the one’s who need then who will attract abduance

Finally, Take Step by step,

In order to manifest money and attract anything you desire in life you need to make a deeper connection with the universe. This wont happen in a instant this will take some time. So make sure to just go slow and one step at a step