For attracting money you need to clear your mind and use the money manifestation meditation.

I am going to show you money manifestation meditation you can use to attract money. These are abundance meditation that will allow you to instantly tap into the power of the human mind to relieve and dequantify stress, make key changes to how you think about and perceive the world around you and change your perception of the world around you in as many ways as possible for the better. You can start manifesting money immediately

Here’s How

Money Manifestation Meditation Technique

money manifestation meditation is the act of sitting in a quiet space, practicing mindful breathing and focusing on clearing your mind of the clutter that accumulates there throughout a long day. For many people, this seems immensely hard, but there are key exercises you can perform to help you reach this state of mindfulness.



Before you can fully meditate for manifestation, you must first relax your body. Conscious relaxation is good for a number of reasons. First it reduces tension in the body which is a good way to open yourself to the tranquility of money meditation. Second, it makes you aware of that tension – bringing you closer to your body and its operations.

To start relaxing your body, sit in a quiet room with your back straight but relaxed. Now, focus your attention on specific muscles in your body – you can start at the feet and work your way up if that helps (or vice versa). Now, breathe deeply and feel the tension in those muscles start to drain away. Push the tension upward in your body, draining it slowly from one muscle into the next. As you pool your tension and then remove it from your body, imagine in its place is a sea of tranquility – peacefulness in a void within the center of your being. This is where your money meditations will begin.


Money Manifestation Meditation is an act of concentration on nothingness – on your being without the actions and experiences that inform that being. So, it helps to have exercises in concentration that will give you the focus needed to overcome distractions and find that true inner peacefulness. Concentrate on how much many you want to manifest, manifest dreams or manifest love

Money Mantra

A mantra is a powerful word that can be repeated again and again to purify your mind of unwanted thoughts and start manifesting money. Chanting a mantra creates a vibration around your body and calms your mind, allowing you to enter the consciousness of that mantra and feel it in your body.

The act of using a mantra allows you not only to listen to those words but to eventually feel them in your mind and body as the vibrations roll through you. It will focus the mind and give you a means by which to process the meditations you are in. You don’t need a specific word either – the AUM chant is effective for almost anyone as it taps into the basic sounds of the universe – taking you deep into meditation.

Money Visualization

One of the most powerful exercises I have used to experience true inner peace and relaxation is the heart-rose. This classic meditation exercise is simple in theory and yet will likely take you may attempts to master.

Start by imagining a rose where your heart is in the body – that rose is not yet blossomed and is there beside your heart. Close your eyes and visualize this rose for a few minutes, observing but not interacting with it in your mind’s eye. Now, after three or four minutes, imagine that the rose slowly starts to open its petals, unfurling and showing new life to you and your body.

Now imagine that the rose is your heart and your heart is that rose. It is the center of your being – a manifestation of all that is you and all that is life. Now, as the rose grows and matures, imagine it is everywhere in your body.Your body is a rose, imbuing the world with its scent and bringing to those around you a sense of wonder and joy.

Continue to focus on your heart rose and the purity it represents. A heart rose does not care for material things. It has no need. It is a vessel for your own purity and the ultimate representation of your humanity