Are you struggling with money ? use these power Money Mantra to attract abundance of wealth

Here’s How

Money Mantras are positive affirmation about money . You are manifesting money from the universe by saying mantras. these affirmations help you change the mindset about money.

When using these mantras make sure you believe in them and trust the universe. Make sure you say them everyday

How do Money mantra function?

Money affirmation or mantras work in 2 different sections consciously and sub-consciously. These money mantras help your mind to focus on attracting abundance as the mind is bombarded with a lot of stress and goes through a lot of information everyday, with the help of mantras you will be able to focus on abundance


5 Powerful Money Mantra

I deserve the abundance of all kinds in life.

Firstly, Just believe that you are attracting abundance, what ever is happening in your life just stop and think that you are not suffering. In fact,if you are reading this you are lucky, you have eyes to read.think about other people who are suffering more than you.Just believe that you deserve happiness and abundance in life

I am money magnet.

Rather than thinking that my salary is getting over, think the opposite as every month you do get salary. if you are doing business think about money as invest more for tomorrow. say this money mantra every day

I trust in abundance

I trust the universe. I I have powerful connection and rich opportunities with the help of abundance.In the abundance of spiritual growth and personal development I believe.I manifest all the thing in the world with being open and allowing happiness and love through me.

I make my Own Future

Firstly, never think that you are unlucky, always believe you are lucky.You had a accident with your new car? think that your life got saved and you are lucky.Lost all you invest ? think that you have learn a valuable lesson.

Secondly, Always try to get the positive from bad situation.for example you got late for work , think that you have less hour to spend in office

I make more and more money Every day .

If you think about your 1st job or when you started your business and compare the money you are earning right now then there is a difference.So which means you are making more money than before.So believe in this and say the above mantra

Conclusion on Money Mantras 

You need to truly believe in the above affirmation to attract wealth in life and do not get in the mistake of attracting money immediately as these money mantras take time. they can not work until you truly believe in them.